Special Speaker – Evangelist Chatru Mohinani

Chatru Mohinani was born in India in a Hindu Sindhi family. He completed his studies in mechanical engineering and immigrated to the USA in 1972. It was here in Minnesota that he was challenged with the facts of the resurrected Christ. So, he spent his first 3 years here reading about and comparing other religious leaders with Christ truth. After much time spent reading and debating with Christian friends, a merciful God opened Chateau’s eyes to help him understand the uniqueness of this historical Christ. Chatru and his wife Wendy have been married for 42 years. They have been members of Fourth Baptist Church in Plymouth, MN for 20 years. Chatru graduated with a MAT from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. God has blessed them with three boys and three girls, six grandchildren. Chatru has been used quite extensively at Fourth Baptist Church in the area of evangelist and discipleship. Chatru started an outreach ministry at Fourth Baptist Church called International Family Night and it has been going on now for 15 years now. They have made many friends with the Internationals living in the Twin Cities and continually look for opportunities to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with them. They love to encourage Christians to be the Ambassadors that God has called us to be.