The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus gives a solid overview of the main message of the Bible. It ties together key Old and New Testament stories to reveal the identity of God and the nature of sin, all the time answering two questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What is the story of the cross and the tomb all about?” It helps a person understand clearly the main message of Bible.

Based on the gospel of John: Uses the gospel of John as a template; at the same time, provides necessary background stories to give the gospel context. It assumes the reader knows very little, if anything, about the Bible.

Chronological: Begins with the creation of the universe, and then progressing sequentially through key Old Testament stories, it moves into the New Testament to reveal the meaning of the cross and the tomb. The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama.

Peels religious tradition off the Bible: Introduces readers to the Bible without the trappings of religion.

Objective: Allows the Bible to speak for itself in presenting the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no arm-twisting to believe. The message is presented objectively; the decision to believe or not to believe is left to the reader.

Bible verses: Told as a story, weaving 1177 Bible verses throughout the narrative. The reader engages with the text of the Bible for himself.

Illustrated: Uses over 100 drawings, maps and diagrams to help explain the story.

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